Accelerated Certification Program (ACP) – June 10th-14th

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The Ultimate EFI Training Program!

Welcome to the “Super Bowl” of EFI Training programs! This course is by far our best value and our most intense study in engine tuning.

From the moment you walk in the door, you will know there is something different about EFI University. Everything about the environment is subtly focused on providing a truly immersive motorsports experience.

Here at EFI University we understand that “Learning” is defined as: “a change in behavior, based on experience”. Think about it…when you were young, someone may have said “don’t touch that stove, because it’s hot”.

So, what did you do? That’s right… we all had to experience for ourselves why we shouldn’t touch the stove! However, you didn’t need to touch it again because your new experience provided a profound learning opportunity to change the way you behave!

This may be a dramatic explanation, but it gets the point across that if you really, truly want to learn about engine science when it comes to EFI tuning then you really do need to EXPERIENCE IT!

We open doors to ideas and concepts that can only be seen and experienced here at our campus, where much time and effort has been expended to create a unique learning opportunity based on years of competitive engine development and tuning for race teams in the real world.

This Program is an intensive 5-Day course that begins as a journey through complex engine topics that you wouldn’t ordinarily encounter during a discussion about tuning engines.

Every class begins with an explanation of the 4-stroke Otto Cycle engine by looking at in-cylinder pressure traces that relate the volume and pressures together as part of a “PV Graph” and helps connect important concepts in engine theory such as why the Rod/Stroke ratio, Camshaft selection, and Cylinder head flow rates and Compression Ratios affect the Volumetric Efficiency of an engine, and how a tuner can approach building a calibration for the engine from scratch.

From the beginning, our approach to tuning is different because for most “tuners” the idea of calibrating an ECU starts with a “Base Map”.  This is a file that was successfully used by someone else for another engine that is similar enough to the current one to get things up and running.  Once the engine starts the tuner will then make “tweaks” or adjustments to the fuel, spark, idle, boost and other parameters until the engine is “tuned”.

Our argument here is that somewhere, someone was educated enough to make the very first “base map” from nothing more than a firm understanding of the engine components and they were able to get up and running without the help of anyone else.  We want YOU to be that person!

We will guide you through every component of evaluating engine combinations, ECU hardware and software, sensors and actuators including crank trigger offset alignment, sensor scaling and configuration, P.I.D. Controls for items such as idle control valves, Boost control valves, stepper motors, coil dwell mapping, fuel injector characterization for slope and offset depending on battery voltage and fuel pressure and so much more!

Your instructor will share insights along the way about how these topics play out in the real world, as most of them have worked in professional racing environments such as ProStock and Nascar among many other sanctioning bodies.  You’ll learn not only how to make the most power for a combination, but also get priceless information about “power management” techniques and strategies for modern racing styles such as “No Prep” and other popular venues.

By the time your classroom session has completed, you will be able to open up a software program from any number of aftermarket ECU’s and create your very own “base map” from scratch!

That’s when things get interesting…

Now that you’ve been given the knowledge required to build your own fuel and spark tables out of thin air, it’s time to prove your abilities by stepping out into the shop, where we have multiple chassis dyno’s and vehicles waiting to be tuned, but there’s a catch…

The instructor has cleverly deleted all the fuel and spark tables and you must create your own maps to make the vehicle start and run and then you will spend hours learning to dyno tune hands-on, while the instructor guides and evaluates your performance and shares years of his own experience to help you develop strong techniques that will safely allow you to tune ANY kind of engine the right way, the first time!

Imagine never having to worry about the uncertainty of blowing up an engine because of a mistake you made again!

You’ll work out basic fuel and spark strategies, open and closed loop fuel corrections, MBT spark locations, variable cam timing programming and even Drive-By-Wire throttle controls.

The final test of your tuning prowess comes when we begin to do full throttle “dyno pulls” to check your results against other students who have gone before you!  Its a fun and challenging day of real-world dyno tuning!

 Upon completion of the course, each student will have enough hands-on dyno time instruction to qualify them for taking their “High Performance Engine Tuner’s Certification” written exam!

Once you pass your exam you’ll earn a Certificate of Proficiency to frame on your wall for all your friends and customers to see!

  • Learn the Science of EFI Tuning
  • Blend of Classroom & Dyno Education
  • Extensive HANDS ON Tuning on Chassis Dyno
  • Limited to 6 Students Per Class
  • Individualized, Dedicated Time with Instructor
  • Learn in a SAFE and STRUCTURED Environment
  • Learn Effective Dyno Operation & Controls for success

Students will spend the week working in pairs on various trouble shooting situations both theoretically (in the classroom), and on one of several vehicles on a chassis dyno.

Students will gain the maximum amount of exposure in the minimum amount of time away from their home or work environment!

The “ACP” program is being offered for $5979.00 USD… an extremely good value, considering the time and money saved by getting all the dyno rental time included, as well as not needing to put out the effort of finding a dyno facility to rent on your own! (if they will even let you)

Consider what it costs to pay for even a single engine failure out of pocket after making a mistake from traditional “trial and error” tuning methods and you’ll see right away how cheap this education really is!

Come learn in an environment that is SAFE and STRUCTURED, without the stress or worry of making costly errors from accidental engine damage!

This exclusive course fills up FAST, so reserve your place NOW!