Drag Race Workshop (DRW) – Bowling Green, Kentucky – July 27th-28th

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Hosted at the:
Hilton Garden Inn Bowling Green
1020 Wilkinson Trace
Bowling Green, Kentucky 42103

Ready to take your program to the next level?!

We’re getting back to our roots and bringing our classroom closer to you! Join us for this NEW 2-day course where we are going to dive in to drag race data acquisition and interpretation, making data driven decisions, and more!

We’re going to show you the data we collect, how we collect it, sensor selection, interpreting the data, making changes based on the data, how decisions may differ on qualifying vs race day, how we set up spreadsheet and math channel calculations, different power management strategies, how to keep detailed records to maintain consistency and so on!


Target Audience

  • N Any drag racer looking to improve consistency and performance, especially on less than perfect racing surfaces.

About Course

Course Benefits
  • N What is the Mathematical Definition of a Drag Race?
  • N How to Predict What Your Car SHOULD Run
  • N Datalogging: Sensor Selection, What to Measure, and Making Sense of Squiggly Lines
  • N Using Spreadsheets and Math Channels for Success
  • N Understanding Your Weather Station
  • N Understanding Torque Converters and Clutches
  • N Transmission, Gear Ratio, and Tire Size Selection
  • N Tuning the Engine and Chassis for Environment Changes
  • N Reading the Environment: Beyond the Track Surface
  • N Power Management Strategies
  • N Detailed Record Keeping for Consistency
  • N Qualifying vs Race Day Decisions