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Tired of online training videos? Our HANDS ON courses get you out from behind the screen and into our facility in Lake Havasu City, AZ!

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Learn from the comfort of your own home at your pace! Whether you’re new to EFI or just looking to expand on the fundamentals, our online catalog is a great place to start!

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Looking for the best way to continue furthering your knowledge base? The Delta Lambda Fraternity is the place to be! With 100’s of hours of existing content and weekly Zoom meetings being added, there’s no limit to what can be learned here!

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Lake Havasu City, Arizona

Known as “Arizona’s Playground”, the beautiful Lake Havasu City regularly attracts nearly a million visitors annually with its historic London Bridge, pristine lake, friendly community, abundant sunshine and annual events, ideal weather and wide range of restaurants and lodging. Over 400 miles of stunning coastline offer exceptional watersports, including fishing, skiing, kayaking and house boating. Visitors can also explore the lake from the beautiful beaches, campsites and hiking trails. Maybe we’re biased, but we can’t think of a better place to travel for a “work” trip! 


Getting a job in the racing industry can be tough. You’ll need to set yourself apart from all the noise if you want to get noticed. Earning a High Performance Engine Tuner Certification through EFI University is the perfect way to do that.

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Hands-On Classes

Ready for that HANDS-ON EXPERIENCE? It’s no mystery that it can often be difficult to retain information you acquire without the opportunity to put it to practice in quick order.  Problem Solved.  Our programs are designed to with a mix of classroom study and real-life application utilizing our hub dyno’s, engine dyno, and spintron!  Classes are held at our facility in the beautiful Lake Havasu City, AZ.

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Learn from the comfort of your own home at your pace! Whether you’re new to EFI or just looking to expand on the fundamentals, our online catalog is a great place to start!

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Unlike ANYTHING else in the automotive performance industry! Our Delta Lambda Fraternity is a group of everything from industry leading engineers, engine builders, and engine calibrators to bracket racers and hobbyists, all with ONE thing in common…a desire to always learn more! With 100’s of hours worth of content in our online library and new weekly Zoom meetings being added, there is no shortage of knowledge to consume.  Where else would you have the opportunity to have an open discussion board with industry leaders like Ben Strader, Billy Godbold, Jon Kaase, Lake Speed Jr, Nick Agostino, Richard Guido, Shane Tecklenburg, and more?!?

Behind the Story

As the founder of EFI University, Ben Strader manages the class curriculums  and generates new class content for the school. He is a specialist in the theory and operation of the internal combustion engine and its related systems specializing in electronic engine management. Ben has over 20 years of experience building and calibrating EFI systems and has even published the book “How to Build and Tune Custom EFI Systems” for CarTech. He has worked in many different levels and disciplines of automotive racing, most recently with The Rod Shop NHRA Factory Experimental in the debut season of the new class. With a highly analytical mind and unrivaled determination, Ben enjoys searching for solutions for even the most challenging obstacles. He’s also an avid skydiver with over 700 jumps, holds an Airline Transport Pilot license for single and multi-engine airplanes, is an FAA Certified Flight Instructor and has thousands of hours of flight experience. Ben is always up for any kind of adventure when he is away from work weather it includes land, sea, or air!