Behind the Story

As the founder of EFI University, Ben Strader manages the class curriculums  and generates new class content for the school. He is a specialist in the theory and operation of the internal combustion engine and its related systems specializing in electronic engine management. Ben has over 20 years of experience building and calibrating EFI systems and has even published the book “How to Build and Tune Custom EFI Systems” for CarTech. He has worked in many different levels and disciplines of automotive racing, most recently with The Rod Shop NHRA Factory Experimental in the debut season of the new class. With a highly analytical mind and unrivaled determination, Ben enjoys searching for solutions for even the most challenging obstacles. He’s also an avid skydiver with over 700 jumps, holds an Airline Transport Pilot license for single and multi-engine airplanes, is an FAA Certified Flight Instructor and has thousands of hours of flight experience. Ben is always up for any kind of adventure when he is away from work weather it includes land, sea, or air!