What is the Delta Lambda Fraternity?

The Delta Lambda Fraternity was conceived out of a lack of common access to information and equipment and from the idea that together, we can improve the entire community through the research and sharing of ideas. 

So a collaborative, community guided, long term access “experience” was created, and the Delta Lambda Fraternity was born!

Now, members of the Fraternity get lessons presented by EFI University and other industry leaders plus live, remote live discussions about the topics so they have time to process the information and discuss their questions and thoughts about the material with the instructors and community members

If you’ve ever wished you could be a part of real, industry leading research and development projects and get to learn consistently from industry experts…this is it!

When you join the Fraternity you get an all-access, behind-the-scenes pass to one of coolest motorsports training experiences on the planet and all without the hassle or expense of travel!

Subscriptions for membership dues are only $99 per month…so what are you waiting for? Become a part of the Brotherhood today!

Here’s a Little Sample!

Delta Lambda members Ben Strader and Lake Speed Jr. give a quick presentation on Viscosity Index.  This presentation was sent out to Delta Lambda members prior to our weekly Zoom meeting to have an opportunity to review and then have an open discussion on all things related (and unrelated).

While occasionally we have “guided” topics for our weekly gatherings, we also have industry experts as guest speakers, as well as free-form meetings, where we just see where everyone’s latest experiences take us. 

One thing is always certain…we always walk away learning something new. 

What’s Included?

  • ETraining Sessions by EFI University
  • EWeekly Live Discussions (Zoom)
  • EAccess to Private Facebook Group
  • EPrivate Web Links to Watch Real Time Testing at EFIU
  • ESpecial Guest Presentations from Industry Leading Experts
  • EMember Discounts for EFI University Products
  • EMember Discounts from Industry Partners
  • EAccess to ALL Archived Content (200+ hours)

Join the Fraternity!

Unlike ANYTHING else in the automotive performance industry! Our Delta Lambda Fraternity is a group of everything from industry leading engineers, engine builders, and engine calibrators to bracket racers and hobbyists, all with ONE thing in common…a desire to always learn more! With 100’s of hours worth of content in our online library and new weekly Zoom meetings being added, there is no shortage of knowledge to consume.  Where else would you have the opportunity to have an open discussion board with industry leaders like Ben Strader, Billy Godbold, Jon Kaase, Lake Speed Jr, Nick Agostino, Richard Guido, Shane Tecklenburg, and more?!?