Accelerated Certification Program (ACP) – August 12th-16th

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The Ultimate EFI Training Program!

If you’re tired of being held hostage by a tuner who wants you to think that successful engine calibration is voodoo or black magic, then THIS is the course for you!  If you’re ready to take control over the outcome of your projects without being dependent on someone else’s timelines, schedules or prices, the THIS is the course for you!

The vast majority of today’s “tuners” begin with  a “Base Map”, which is a calibration someone else created for an engine that is similar enough to your engine that it can get started and running, and then they tweak it up or down from there until it roughly fits your car.  However, these tuners often struggle to tune more than one or two specific types of engine combinations for fear of not knowing what a different one “likes” or needs.

But…What if there were a way that you could learn to create your very own “Base Maps” from scratch for ANY type of engine, and then use our time tested, tried and true process to step-by-step tune the engine for maximum performance, reliability and efficiency?  That way, it wouldn’t matter what brand of engine or ECU you chose to use, it wouldn’t matter if the engine were naturally aspirated, supercharged or turbocharged and it wouldn’t require you to rely on anyone else to complete your projects on time and on budget, every time!

That is what this class is all about!  We start from the very beginning and cover engine theory such as how compression ratios, cylinder head porting and camshafts affect the tune.  You’ll learn to interpret events on a cam card, and evaluate a cylinder head for a given application.  You’ll learn how to determine how much boost it will take to reach a power goal.  You’ll learn how to select the correct turbo for a given application and understand what goes into selecting the correct housings and “A/R Ratios” for a turbo.

We’ll explore why certain engines need more ignition advance than others, and why fuel type matters to your tuning choices.  We’ll learn to pick the right fuel mixtures for various engine types and how to test and validate those choices.

We will also discuss the differences between dyno testing, track testing and road testing and learn how to collect and interpret data-logs to get the most performance and reliability from any engine.

This Program is an intensive 5-Day course that includes all the existing material from our other Courses PLUS significant direct tuning experience using industry leading chassis dynos and participate in discussions of advanced topics such as weather, track conditions and gear ratio effects on performance tuning.

Upon completion of the course, each student will have enough hands-on dyno time instruction to qualify them for taking their “High Performance Engine Tuner’s Certification” written exam!

  • Learn the Science of EFI Tuning
  • Balance of Classroom & Dyno Education
  • Extensive HANDS ON Tuning on Chassis Dyno
  • Limited to 6 Students Per Class
  • Valuable, Dedicated Time with Instructor
  • Learn in a SAFE and STRUCTURED Environment
  • Learn Effective Dyno Operation & Control

Students will spend the week working in pairs on various situations both theoretically (in the classroom), and on a chassis dyno.

This way students will gain the maximum amount of exposure in the minimum amount of time away from their home working environment!

The “ACP” program is being offered for $5979.00 USD, which is an extremely good value, considering the time and money saved by the student getting all the dyno rental time included, as well as not needing to put out the effort of finding a dyno facility to rent on your own for 20 or more hours!

Plus, students will participate in discussions on advanced technologies not normally available to the student in any other training available anywhere.

Come learn in an environment that is SAFE and STRUCTURED, without the stress or worry of making costly errors from accidental engine damage!

This exclusive course fills up FAST, so reserve your place NOW!

Tuition: $5979.00 USD